Island Activities

Gay Pride


Honolulu Pride is Saturday October 19th so fly in on the 18th, enjoy the festivities all weekend long!  
Sight see, relax, and enjoy Hawaii all week before the games on Saturday and Sunday, the 26th and 27th.



 Come shop and check out Waikiki’s International Market Place, great food πŸ₯˜, clothing, specialty shops 🏬 and pubs.

Polynesian Cultural Center


The Polynesian Cultural Center on Oahu’s 🌺 North Shore is a fantastic place to visit.  You will learn about
Polynesian culture and life and experience a living museum to Polynesian history and legends.

Hiking & Waterfalls


 Free time before and or after softball πŸ₯Ž?  Go hiking and explore the beautiful waterfalls of Oahu. 

Para Sailing



See Hawaii from above!
Come Parasailing or Hike Oahu’s famous Diamond Head. 

Helicopter Tours


 See Oahu from above, take a helicopter 🚁 tour and see some of Oahu’s most beautiful sites!